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There could be various issues you may face with your email account. The main root cause could be the issue with the main server.

Test Your Email Server

  1. The best way to test server problems is to try to use your webmail.
  2. Go to your webmail URL.
    • ( is your domain)email help
  3. Log into webmail with your email address and email password.
    • If you are not able to log in, try resetting your password.
      • If you still get an authentication error, this is most likely a server issue.
      • If you don’t get an error, but it takes a very long time to log in and/or times out, please contact us on our email helpline now at 1-888-649-8638.
    • If you are able to log in, proceed to the next step.
  4. Send yourself a test email. You can send to this same email address, or to an external email address (such as a Hotmail or Gmail account). Reply to the message to test both sending and receiving.
    • If you get an error immediately when trying to send or receive, note the exact error. This is a server issue.
    • If you get a bounceback, please contact us on our email support number now at 1-888-649-8638.
    • If you get no error, but the message has not delivered for at least five minutes, please contact us on our email helpline now at 1-888-649-8638.
    • If you can successfully send and receive from webmail, this indicates that the server is fine. Go to the next step, then the next section, to troubleshoot possible network problems.
  5. There are a small number of server problems that might not be “caught” by the webmail test. If you notice one of the following, please first continue with the next troubleshooting sections, because these problems are just as likely to be caused by a network or email client problem. If you finish troubleshooting and are still having one of the problems described below, continue to the final step. Email Server Issues
    • If you have SMTP or Outgoing mail server connection problems, the mail server may be configured incorrectly.
    • If you have problems with POP but not IMAP, webmail uses IMAP only, so again, the mail server setting in your email client may be configured incorrectly.