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Printer Paper Jam

This article helps you understand how you can fix a paper jam issues sitting at your place.

If you have a paper jam issue with the printer, don’t worry. It is something very usual in the day to day activities with the printer. Whether you have a Hp Printer or a Dell printer, Canon printer or some other, Go through the following steps mentioned below to fix a paper jam issues.

  1. Switch off the printer and face it towards you.
  2. Remove the power cord from the back of the printer. The power cord should be removed so that the paper feed roller could move freely.
  3. look for the rear access door and then open it by turning the dial counter-clockwise and then pulling the door toward you.
  4. Inspect the rollers on the rear access door and make sure that they are clean and turn freely. Clean the rollers with a soft towel lightly moistened with water.
  5. From the rear access door opening, remove the jammed paper. If some of the jammed paper cannot be removed from the rear access opening, carefully remove it from the front of the unit.
  6. Remove the remaining paper from the paper supply tray. Discard any paper that is damaged or crumpled and then re-stack and reload the paper into the paper supply tray. printer paper jam
  7. Reinstall the rear access door.
  8. Connect the power cord to the unit and turn the unit on.

Paper jams still occur

If the problem continues, check the following:

  1. Disconnect the power cord from the printer and remove all paper from it.
  2. Open the rear access door and clean the paper feed rollers with a soft clean cloth lightly moistened with water. Reinstall the rear access door when finished. Verify that the rear access door is fully locked. The paper will skew if it is not fully locked.
  3. Open the print cartridge access door.
    Look into the front of the printer. There are four small metal pressure rollers that ride on the main feed roller. Check that there is no paper or labels stuck on these rollers. Carefully remove any debris using a tweezer or similar tool.
  4. Close the Printer and reconnect the power cord.
    Refill the paper tray with paper. Make sure that the paper tray is fully pushed into the printer. The paper tray is spring loaded. If it cannot seat in fully, the paper may be holding it back or the spring may have come loose.
  5. Make another copy or print again.
    If the problem still exists, the printer will require service

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