Email Support

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A customer faces many types of issues with email. Not able to log in, password issues or the account is compromised or hacked. We have an efficient and trained team to fix all issues related to your email account. Our agents troubleshoot and fix all the issues and also install securities onto your email to protect it from being hacked in ever future.


  1. Not able to login
  2. Sending and Receiving Issues
  3. Login page issues
  4. Password issues
  5. Account compromised or hacked
  6. Security Issues
  7. Connectivity Issues
  8. Spam, Unwanted or Suspicious emails
  9. Emails Missing
  10. Getting error while login

Will Discuss few email issues which can be handled by following few quick steps:

Not able to send or receive emails

There could be multiple reasons for it. Maybe you are missing with the DNS settings. Or you may also have the wrong settings in your local email client server. You need to double-check your email client settings. You can also test the POP/IMAP services running on your server. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us on our email helpline now at 1-888-649-8638.

Missing Emails 

There could be things like when your emails are missing or emails are not going to your inbox or your emails are disappearing. You could follow few steps like check if the email was archived, deleted, or marked as spam, or check if the email was filtered. You may also check if your emails are being forwarded to another account and so on. If you are still not able to find the emails, please don’t panic and call us at our email support number.

Unwanted or Suspicious Emails

This is very common with every one of us, getting spam emails like a win-win lottery or to download a file. The best solution to this is to ignore or simply block such emails. Go to the settings and simply block such emails. If you start getting any error msg on the screen through such emails and then it is serious and needs to be looked after. In such cases, don’t delete any file or do anything simply call our email customer service department to look after it.

We have dedicated Email Helpline for any email problems or email issues. Our expert team will monitor the mail server to check what is the issue with the email and also helps you protect your emails by installing securities on the server.

You can also find solutions to your email problems by visiting our Email Support Page or you can call us at 1-888-649-8638.