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Los Angeles is another highly populated city of United States of America. The more the population is the more is the use of product and services. Whether is a home product or an email accountEmail covers a broad category of services. Some errors are easy to diagnose while others require a bit of investigation.

Here we will discuss another email issues which could cause trouble in your daily/official work.

Missing Emails.

You suddenly notice a bunch of email missing from your inbox.

Cause: Have you recently checked your email from using POP on a computer or mobile device other than your normal one? If so, you may have accidentally downloaded the emails to that machine, pulling them off of the server.

Solution: Set up an IMAP account on that same device, then drag and drop the emails from the POP inbox to the IMAP inbox. This should sync them up with the server again. Finally, disable or reconfigure the POP inbox so it leaves a copy of each message on the server.

Missing Email

Emails to Yahoo or Hotmail disappear for a few days.

Likely cause: Some large email providers implement a process called “gray listing” which delays suspicious emails for a few days. The emails will eventually be delivered, but it may seem like they’ve gone missing at first.

Solution: You should check to make sure that nothing in your email content might trigger a spam filter. Unfortunately, without a solid bounce-back, (mt) Media Temple cannot do anything concrete about delayed email.