Laptop and Desktop Support

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Nowadays laptops and desktop are must to carry for day to day activities whether at home or office. We provide full support related to your laptop or desktop whether you are a home user or a business user or in your office. We have a dedicated team for laptops and desktop who have been highly trained to fix and troubleshoot all kinds of issues with the computers. We also help you in backing up and restoring your data.

Laptop and Desktop Support:

  1. Battery not charging
  2. Hard drive crashed
  3. System Slow
  4. Error on the screen
  5. System not starting
  6. Screen damaged
  7. Blue Screen
  8. CD drive not working
  9. Keypad Issues
  10. Data Recovery
  11. Liquid Spill
  12. Motherboard issues
  13. Overheating of the system
  14. Software Issues

Let’s See what could be the most common issues with the laptops or desktops which can be easily handled at home.

Laptop not charging

First of all, check your ac adapter if it is properly inserted into the power socket and all the cords all properly inserted in the brick. Second, check the battery of the laptop if it is properly placed or you can also take out the battery, clean the area with a dry cloth and place the battery again at its place. Try plugging the power cord into a different power socket to see if you’ve got a short or something also if you could see the indicator led light glowing. If still, the problem with the laptop sustains, then there is a real issue with the powering of the laptop. Don’t try anything else now as it could be something serious with it, simply call laptop customer service and ask for help.

Blue Screen Error

Blue Screen (BSOD), we also call it as the blue screen of death or a STOP ERROR is an error displayed on the screen when the system stops working at all. It will appear when an issue is so serious that Windows must stop completely. It is basically related to hardware or the drivers. As soon as you get a blue screen error, your system will automatically restart before you get any time to read what happened. You can simply restart the system and see if it is working fine and if not then we would suggest don’t try anything with it. Call us at our Laptop helpline or desktop helpline number.

We have a dedicated team for any laptop issues or desktop issues to help you get all problems fixed. Our expert team will monitor all the issue with the laptop and desktop and also helps you fix all the issues.

You can also find solutions to your computer problems by visiting our System Support Page or you can call us at 1-888-649-8638.