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Thank you for your continuing business to Easy Assist. We want to assist you with keeping your critical operations running with the highest level of support for your printers. We have put together this Troubleshooting Guide to provide you with help in resolving some of the most common questions we receive in technical support, USA. The document is organized as a set of individual questions and answers. As appropriate, further guidance for outside support and links has been provided with the answer. A wealth of self-help resources are available throughout the website Another excellent source for assistance is our Printer technical support number, USA toll-free number: 1-888-649-8638. They may be best equipped to respond to issues regarding your specific devices and installation.

Q: How do I install or adjust my printer to the media and/or ribbon I wish to use? 

A: The following steps should be followed to resolve most issues with printer installation.

  1. Check your labels to define Gap, Notch or Mark.
  2. Depending on labels the sensor will need to be positioned correctly.
  3. Make sure that the ribbon is installed correctly. Note the color of ribbon. Black Ribbon is most common.
  4. Auto installation should take place after print head is closed.
  5. If the auto installation does not run; Manual installation will need to be completed.

Additional Resources: 

  • Easy Assist Knowledge Base
  • Toll-Free Number: 1-888-649-8638 for USA
  • Your original Printer or Supplies reseller partner

Q: How do I resolve issues while trying to activate my Software license? 

A: If you received error messages, use Easy Assist Knowledge Base to find error recovery.

Q: How do I find and install new drivers for my printer

A: Follow the steps mentioned below to install new drivers for your printer.

  1. Go to find the updated driver.
  2. Install driver before connecting USB. Install driver Network and then use settings while the driver is installing to configure IP address.
  3. If the driver is not communicating try using different connection cable.
  4. Driver installed under devices and printers on your PC should come online or a new driver will install automatically.
  5. Test Print.

Additional Resources: 

  • Easy Assist Knowledge Base
  • Printer Technical Support Toll-Free Number: 1-888-649-8638 for the USA
  • Your original Printer or Supplies reseller partner

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