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Email Support

A customer faces many types of issues with email. Not able to log in, password issues or the account is compromised or hacked. We have an efficient and trained team to fix all issues related to your email account. Our agents troubleshoot and fix all the issues and also install securities onto your email to protect it from being hacked in ever future.

Printer Support  

Easy assist provides complete assistant related to your printer. We have expert technicians, especially for printer support. Our agents deal with all type of printers whether wired or wireless. We cover all the major issues like connectivity issues with the printer, installation issues or any malfunctioning. Our agents also help us with the free setup of the printers.

Laptop and Desktop Support

nowadays laptops and desktop are must to carry for day to day activities whether at home or office. We provide full support related to your laptop or desktop whether you are a home user or a business user or in your office. We have a dedicated team for laptops and desktop who have been highly trained to fix and troubleshoot all kinds of issues with the computers. We also help you in backing up and restoring your data.

Antivirus Support

From most recent cases, there have been a number of times that system is being hacked, data have been stolen like in the most recent case of RANSOMWARE. We have an efficient team to help you protect your computers from any virus attack or hacking. We do have our antivirus which we provide according to the configuration and need of your system, which protects your system from any damage or data loss.